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“Arsenic (in rice) is back in the news again. And this time, it’s from Consumer Reports, armed with data with arsenic levels in over 200 rice and rice products that they tested. The same products that FDA tested but declined to take any action on. But this is not the first time a study was done on Arsenic in rice. A noted Arsenic expert Professor Andrew Meharg  has been warning the world since 2007, according to Green Talk. Remember the Dartmouth study back in February that triggered Anna to started a petition and wrote about it here?

But, despite all the studies, the FDA and the European Union have failed to act, still.  Anna’s petition calling on the FDA and EU to regulate arsenic in rice and by-products is still going on. And I’m strongly urging you to sign it because it’s imperative that we ask FDA and EU to change their standards because rice is not just an ethnic food for small number of people but is in so many things we eat. And if you are on a gluten free diet, the chances are, you are eating more rice than than you realize.”

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