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The following quotes are excerpts of our favorite unsolicited testimonials taken from Maninis Gluten Free Facebook page.


“We just tried this tonight and it’s even better than our regular (gluten) pizza dough we made prior to going gluten-free. We didn’t have time to let it rise as long as it was supposed to but it was still amazing! I can’t wait to try it again next week and let it rise the whole time.”
Sarah Robinson Ransom

“I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for making a bread mix that’s not only affordable but the best I’ve had! I’ve tried several flour blends of my own, and nothing was great. I went to Jake’s Gluten Free store here in Meridian, Idaho and they recommended your Peasant Bread. The whole family fell in love 🙂
Thank you so much!”
Kristin Hon Escobar

“I was just visiting my sister in Seattle this weekend and had the joy of experiencing Maninis Gluten Free bread, muffins, and cookies! YUMMY! This is the BEST gluten-free bread I have had in my 11 years of being a Celiac. I brought 3 loaves of bread home in my purse on the plane 🙂 I can’t wait to order the mixes and make this at home with my other gluten-free friends!!! Thanks so much for your efforts to make such a wonderful product!”
Elyse DeSalvo

“The ginger peach muffins were a delight!!! Made a pasta primavera for lunch, with the fresh gluten-free basil pasta I bought from you yesterday. My non-gluten-free husband and I both loved it! Thank you so much for your high quality products.”
Ann Boskovich

“Great pasta! And I don’t need to qualify that by saying it’s GF. Your bread is also a hit with everyone in the house. LOCAL = No more imported corn-based GF pasta for me! Yay Maninis! “     
L.T., Seattle

“Your bread is way delicious!  I almost cried when I ate it…I’ve never eaten any gluten-free bread that I didn’t have to toast the heck out of just to tolerate the texture and taste.”
 Lisa Barry, Seattle

“I used the Trovato mix to make pasta…The whole family raved and now pasta is back in my repertoire. Thank you!”    
Erin Christie, Seattle

“I had so much fun yesterday! I made a double batch of pizza crust in my kitchen aid and it was so fun to be able to get my hands in the dough again and knead it. I LOVE it! Now I have 18 little individual pizza crust balls in the freezer and I still have 1/2 a bag of flour to play with. Next up, your cookie recipe you just posted. “  
Cynthia Tam, Seattle

“Just had to tell you, again, how fantastic you are. Growing up Italian, it was very hard for me to give up pasta and other wonderful wheaty goodness when I went gluten-free. Your pasta is the absolute best gluten-free pasta I’ve had! My non-gluten-free husband and friends agree that your pasta is fantastic, too!”
Michelle Hill, Seattle

“Picked up the spaghetti noodles at the market on Friday.. The only gluten-free noodles my picky toddler and teenagers will eat! You can’t even tell a difference! We can’t wait to buy more! And will be recommending these products to everyone! ♥ :)”
Grace Elizabeth

“Your cinnamon rolls are so great! I made them for my family and we loved them, thanks for the wonderful flour and amazing cinnamon rolls.”
Jaime Lake


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